Prosperi was founded in 1993 as a result of our passion to help organizations improve people's lives through innovation and collaborative management solutions.

Specialized in the use of Microsoft technology for Collaboration, Content and Project and Portfolio Management, we are internationally recognized by Microsoft for the excellence of our solutions and for our performance in the corporate market.

We are proud to have an international presence. Today our solutions are present in more than 110 countries and we have 5 offices between Brazil and The United States, serving customers on a global scale.

We are the most awarded Microsoft partner in “Project and Portfolio Management”, winning 5 LATAM Awards, including 4 consecutively (2012, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020). In 2018, we were also World Finalists in the same category.

We operate in some of the largest companies in Brazil that operate internationally and our solutions impact the lives of millions of people daily.

Turning dreams into reality is what moves us. Improving people's lives is our purpose. We do this through our solutions. Incorporating innovation, technology and creativity.
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Water & Sanitation
Pharmaceutical Industry
Oil & Gas
Steel & Mining
Water & Sanitation
When someone drinks water in the State of São Paulo, or benefits from sanitation services, they do not imagine that all investments made by the largest sanitation company in Brazil go through a Microsoft PPM solution implemented by Prosperi.

When you recharge your cell phone, computer or even light a lamp, in 18 Brazilian states, know that the Energy Distribution projects that serve more than 65 million people have undergone a solution implemented by Prosperi.

Pharmaceutical Industry
When buying medicine in a pharmacy, know that the projects for the production and development of new drugs carried out in more than seven pharmaceutical companies in Brazil happened because of our contribution.

Oil & Gas
From the oil well to the gas station where you fill up, Prosperi contributes so that several companies can always deliver an excellent product or service.

Steel & Mining
From the Aluminum, Iron and Niobium mines, to the steel that produces the car you drive, the investment projects carried out by several Mining and Steel companies in Brazil have adopted a Prosperi solution.


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