Turn cognitive insights into actions
From data to insights and insights to action with the Microsoft Power Platform, combining Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to easily build business applications and automate workflows.

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What is Power Platform?
Power Platform is Microsoft’s Low Code solution. Developed to empower business users, this solution allows the development of applications quickly and without the need to use programming code. With it any user can analyze data, create business solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.
Power BI
Power Apps
Power Automate
Virtual Agents
Power BI
Improve the decision-making process using data-based insights. Promote data culture, make analytics tools available to everyone in your organization.

Power Apps
Turn ideas into business solutions. Let everyone build custom applications that solve challenges and drive business value.

Power Automate
Increase productivity, enable everyone to automate organizational processes, and generate operational results.

Power Virtual Agents
Improve communication with your customers and employees. Easily create chatbots to interact conversationally - no coding needed.

Empower team members to create business solutions
The Microsoft Power Platform is much more than the sum of the parts. Seamlessly integrate your components with Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and other business applications that empower business users and promote the culture of innovation.

Empower your team and pave the way for innovation by quickly simplifying operations, analyzing data, and automating processes and workflows without the use of programming code.

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Power Platform in a Week
Create a unique and immersive experience for your team with problem solving in building Business Applications with Power Platform.

Based on the Sprint Design methodology, participants will learn how to identify a real business problem, propose solution alternatives, and develop a prototype for validation and testing using the Microsoft Power Platform.

The session also provides the opportunity to discuss use cases for your organization.
Develop solutions at scale.
Prosperi relies on professionals specializing in Microsoft Power Platform to develop complete projects for your organization.
Our Microsoft Power Platform Factory enables you to accelerate the development and adoption of the tool by structuring data sources, creating dashboards and reporting for departments or for the entire organization, automating processes and workflows, and creating applications and chatbots. With the adoption of agile methodologies, Prosperi provides incremental value deliveries, and assists in the development of maturity and use of solutions by business areas.

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Meet Teams Ideas P4tW.
A Power Apps and Project for the Web solution, pre-configured with industry best practices, recommended by one of Microsoft's most award-winning Project and Portfolio Management partners in Latin America.

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