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Transparency, reliability, and agility in the decision-making process were key factors in getting Electrolux to adopt Teams Ideas™ PROJECTS.

The management of several portfolios, with many project managers, different schedules, specific needs of integration and customization of reports are some of the demands that often end up "taking the back seat" from the Operations area of companies. In the Brazilian unit of the multinational manufacturer Electrolux, this problem was solved in July 2020, with the adoption of Teams Ideas™ PROJECTS, the accelerator for deployment of Project Online developed by Prosperi.

The tool promoted increased motivation and engagement of teams, brought agility to their processes, and facilitated strategic decision making. Electrolux's Project Management Office (PMO) head of Operations for Latin America, Loreine Luise Gabrich, shares what led to the choice of their solution and what the results were.
What kind of problems did you face before you adopted Teams Ideas™ PROJECTS?

The Operations area performed project management in a tool developed internally, but there were gaps to perform portfolio and schedule management in an integrated manner, as well as limitation in reports. There were also challenges in maintaining the solution, as the PMO divided its time in supporting the tool and managing project portfolios. We sought market options and identified that Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) could meet many of our needs, for its flexibility in customizing our project lifecycle flow and the ability to integrate with other technologies.
Why did you choose Teams Ideas™ PROJECTS to meet this demand?

Among the solutions that we evaluated, Teams Ideas™ PROJECTS presented the tool and services most aligned with our needs, and after the implementation, the quality of service and post-go-live support stood out.
What are the results obtained with the adoption of the tool?

We have had a strong engagement and motivation from all leaders to review processes and improve the quality of their projects. They even started to control small projects, which were not managed in the previous tool. For the executive level, it was possible to demonstrate a consolidated view of their projects, managing to integrate schedule information, costs, and risks. This facilitated and accelerated our decision-making.
Among the benefits that Electrolux had with the tool, which ones would you highlight as the top three?

I would say that the development of custom reports, the possibility of purchasing an SAP integrator, and the flexibility of Teams Ideas™ PROJECTS to suit our project framework.
What are the differences of acquiring a solution with Prosperi?

The accessibility of everyone we relate to, from sales to project manager to consultants and support. There was a quick understanding of our demands to develop our project management environment.
What learning would you share about this Electrolux experience?

The use of an appropriate project management tool brings transparency, reliability, and agility in the decision-making process.