In human values such as integrity, empathy, education and respect. We build our business with transparency and honesty, encouraging our employees to transform their reality on a daily basis through actions oriented by values and mutual respect.
We believe that diversity is the driving force that allows us to build different and innovative initiatives. Knowledge is only power when shared, and for that you need to be accessible. Come in, let's talk. The conversation is always open.
We are always thinking about the comfort and well-being of our employees. For us, the workplace must be a light and relaxed space, where employees can feel at ease. Choose to wear shorts, a suit and tie, or just jeans and a T-shirt. We encourage freedom of choice at work.
We believe in people and in the role of our employees, the construction of their own paths, and career. We encourage autonomy and support the search for knowledge and professional development. We are a company that encourages learning and provides constant growth and development. We seek to build leaders and agents of transformation in our daily lives.
We are GPTW certified
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We encourage a Home Office
Innovation and Transformation with Prosperi +
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